AWTX/GSE 675 Programmable Counting Scale


AWTX/GSE 675 Programmable Counting Scale

1,500.00 1,725.00

Model 675 Precision Counting Scale
Integrates with your Network

Using versatile communication protocols, the Model 675 Precision
Counting Scale communicates via point-to-point or standard fieldbus
networks in a variety of formats to exchange plant floor data; minimizing
maintenance costs and integration time.
Via Ethernet, RS232, RS485, and 20mA current loop, Custom Transmit
Tables™ and Input Interpreter Tables™ provide flexible system integration
and weighing instrument communication.
The Ethernet Module supports DHCP Server, fixed IP address, Telnet
Server or client, Modbus TCP/IP slave, and FTP client. A dynamic on
board web server makes network configuration fast and simple, and
provides instant remote access to scale weight and process data.
The DeviceNet™ and Profibus® Modules provide flexible I/O assemblies
enabling access to all weight data and user defined process data. An
on board auto configuration utility expedites setup by matching both EDS
and GSD files.

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