Scale Sales and Estimates

Based on the different vendors we work with, we offer a wide variety of industrial scale makes and models. We can get you pricing on virtually everything that is being manufactured.  Automated Scale is a more personalized company than our competitors and we will suggest to you exactly what you need and try our best to not sell you what you don’t.  We want the right equipment for you and nothing less.  

Free Estimates

We provide free estimates on equipment, installation, lead time, freight/tax, setup, delivery, and are more than willing to come out to your site to make a proper evaluation on your exact needs for your application.  We always try to meet face to face so we can avoid the pitfalls that would come from unknown facility issues that wouldn’t be known based on an email or phone conversations.

Our Salesmen

Our salesmen are professional with years of experience in the industry. They are prompt and honest when it comes to discussing what you would need to know about your inquiries. They will try not to sell you what you do not need even if you ask for it.