Scale Repair & Servicing

  • Automated Scale offers service for repairing any system on any scale 24/7. We have a technician on call for the customers that need to have their systems up and running for production purposes.


  • We have different layers of repair projects so some repairs may require a quote and estimated time & material needed for the project, which we can do.


  • Automated Scale also does shop repairs with walk-ins, drop offs, or us to pick up the scale.


  • Our technicians are trained in systems communications so that they can allow your equipment to communicate to your PC or PLC using analog output, Ethernet, devicenet, control net or any other systems communication.


  • Based on the various different vendors we are distributors for we can get each and every part available. Load cells are the most sold part throughout the industrial scale industry and we can get
    every single kind and like kind out there. We provide free quotes on what you are asking for and will evaluate your scale to make sure you get the right replacement part.