Scale Calibration/Inspection Schedule

Scale Calibration and Inspection

Automated Scale provides a calibration/inspection schedule suited to each customers' needs. We come out to your site and check, clean, inspect, calibrate, issue a certification (ISO/nonISO), and give any recommendations to you on how you're operating your equipment.

Certificate Book

We provide a certificate book were we record the calibrations of each scale that we inspect as part of the service agreement that we set up with you. This certification has our findings before and after calibration (if necessary), it also has the test weight cert number that is traceable so that in case of an audit at your location you are fully covered concerning the scales you have.

Scale Inspection

The inspection is designed to identify and fix and problems that are current or that may be possible. We can point out to you if any improvements may be recommended based on any minor problems. We offer support with a face-to-face technician who can answer any questions you may have.

Some scales may need repairs so we can either handle something small right quick on site, but if it requires lengthy troubleshooting we can take the scale back to the shop and evaluate and repair in a more effective manner.

Our technicians have their CDL License to handle the big rig test truck to test and calibrate the heavy equipment you may have.